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Xmarto Wos1388

After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 8,990 customer satisfaction about Best Xmarto Wos1388, 5footway.inn have come up with the top 15 Best products you may be interested in Xmarto Wos1388. We have ranked the best brands from our Experts backed with Artificial Intelligent and Big Data.

15 Best Xmarto Wos1388 of October 2021 – Reviews and Comparison

SaleRank No. #1
XMARTO Wireless Security Camera System 8CH 1080p NVR 8pcs 1.3MP Wireless Security IP Cameras, 1TB Hard Drive (Built-in Router, Plug N Play, Mobile View, Night Vision, supports Audio Microphones)
  • A standalone wireless home Security camera system with 8pcs HD Wi-Fi security cameras, A 8Ch 1080P NVR base w. 1TB HDD in. Cameras stream wirelessly to the base via Wi-Fi no need to run video Cables. Perfect DIY security camera system for houses, offices, stores etc.
  • 【Plug and play】the security cameras were paired to the NVR. You only need to plug cameras to power, NVR to a TV or PC monitor. The system is on and working. Easy for anyone.
  • 【Wi-Fi router built-in NVR receiver has its own Wi-Fi router inside. Wi-Fi cameras stream videos with its own Wi-Fi, preserving your home Wi-Fi for your mobiles, tablets, TVs etc.
  • 【Easy remote access】takes only minutes to setup cameras in app for viewing from anywhere anytime.
  • 【1TB Hard drive】a 1TB surveillance hard drive was preinstalled for up to past 30-day loop recording.
Rank No. #2
XMARTO 2K Auto-Track Rotation Wireless Security Camera WiFi AC Powered, 2-Way Audio, Auto Flood Lights Color Night Vision, Auto Siren, IP66 Weatherproof, SD Card and Cloud Storage (DT3034)
  • xmartO DT3034 is an outdoor WiFi security camera with pan tilt zoom, 2K super HD resolution, auto tracking pan tilt zoom control, enhanced 2-way audio and auto flood lights. It works standalone with xmartO WallPixel Apps, or pair to a xmartO NVR. The camera watches front doors & back yards very well. 【Tips: the camera needs to plug to power from a nearby outlet】
  • Auto Tracking - the security camera wireless features auto tracking technology. It automatically tracks movements and records activities. The camera also features Auto Panoramic Cruise and Auto Presets Patrol. You can easily have the camera scan 360 degrees or patrol preset spots automatically.
  • Auto Flood Lights & 6 IR LEDs - 4 professional LED lights are embedded. When motion is detected at night, it automatically turns on the flood lights to illuminate the area and captures color night vision videos. 6 extra Infra Red LEDs are built-in to ensure it sees clearly even in pitch darkness. Flood lights can be turned off if you prefer to use IR LEDs only.
  • Enhanced 2-way Audio - with high-gain microphone and enhanced speakers in, you can hear and talk clearly from your phone while viewing the real time video.
  • Deterrence Protection & Cloud Storage/SD Card- with the auto flood lights and siren inside, any intruder would be running. You can decide whether to turn it on.The camera supports up to 128GB TF card and encrypted AWS Cloud storage.
Rank No. #3
XMARTO 8CH 2K 1296p HD Wireless Home Security Camera System with 2-Way Audio and Human Detection WiFi IP Cameras, Dual WiFi and 1TB Hard Disk in NVR (Easy Remote View, Long Range WiFi, AC Powered)
  • Professional Standalone WiFi Security Camera System - with an 8CH dual WiFi NVR and 4pc long range wireless WiFi cameras, you can easily mount your cameras to monitor 4 areas simultaneously on a monitor or on your smartphones. Simply plug them to power to have your houses secured 24*7. (4 more spaces reserved for 4 extra cameras when necessary)
  • Human Motion Detection MSG - with AI humanoid motion detection, the cameras send you instant App alerts with snapshots when motion detected. The home security camera system is lifelong free to use without any monthly fee.
  • 2-way Audio 3MP HD Cameras - the metal HD cameras deliver crystal clear image day and night. With built-in high-gain microphone & speaker, you can hear and talk from your phone while viewing the video.
  • Long Range for Easier Installation - all xmartO WiFi camera system comes with 1000ft line-of-sight long range. With G3 Auto WiFi Relay powered, the camera with weak WiFi behind walls automatically repeat to a nearby camera and relay to the NVR. This extend the cameras mounting range. If a certain camera cannot connect through WiFi anyhow, you can hard wire it to your router and join it to the NVR.
  • Easy to Use - to view your 4 cameras, you only need to mount them and plug to power. They automatically show up on your NVR's monitor/ TV. To view them on smartphones, you only need to connect the NVR to your WiFi. Then find the camera system in App and add to list. You are ready to view them from anywhere anytime then.
SaleRank No. #4
XMARTO 12.1-inch Screen Wireless Security Camera System (8CH 5MP HD IPS Screen NVR, 2K HD 2pcs Auto-Track Indoor PTZ Cameras and 2pcs Outdoor Security Camera with Audio, 1TB HDD and Cloud Storage)
  • This WSS30822 home security camera system comes with 2pcs 2K Super HD outdoor bullet wireless cameras and 2pcs 2K PTZ indoor WiFi cameras, provide comprehensive protection for your whole home area. The bullet camera can monitor 2 wide areas like the front door and and your yard simultaneously, the PTZ camera let you view your 1st & 2nd floor and use it to talk with the baby and pet.
  • 8CH Expandable all-in-one 12" HD LCD NVR kit - The integrated 12" HD monitor make the camera system totally standalone. With dual WiFi inside the NVR, all cameras stream to the NVR with their own WiFi, without using any bit of your home WiFi. You don't need an extra monitor or HDMI cable for it to run. The HDMI port lets you connect the NVR to your TV for bigger view of cameras if needed.
  • 2K 3MP HD audio cameras - all cameras have 2304*1296p pixels, 50% more than 1080p, delivering you crystal clear videos with audio. The 2 indoor PTZ cameras let you hear, talk, rotate and auto track to view all directions.
  • Hard Disk and Cloud Storage - the preinstalled 1TB SATA hard drive keeps videos of all cameras of past 30+ days. Cloud storage is optional for subscription at only coffee price.
  • Easy Remote View - it takes only a few simple steps in minutes to add the camera system to the XMARTO App. Then you can view and control the cameras from anywhere on your phone.
Rank No. #5
XMARTO 2K HD Auto Tracking Wireless Security Camera AC Powered, PTZ Rotation Home Camera with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision and Motion Detection MSG, Cloud and SD Card Storage
  • This is an affordable 2K WiFi security camera for home. Good for home anti-burglar, baby/ elder or pet monitoring. You can use it with mobile Apps, or you can add it to an existed xmartO home security system.
  • Human Detection - a refined version of motion detection. When motion detected, the camera sends you App alert messages with snapshots & short videos.
  • 2-way Audio - the camera not only let you view 2K super HD videos, but also clear voice and you can talk via your phone when needed.
  • 360° Full Coverage & Cloud/SD Card Storage - 350° pan 90° tilt plus the camera's own 70° view angle, one camera lets you monitoring the whole place. The camera supports up to 128GB TF card and encrypted AWS Cloud storage.
  • Siren - with a long beep as its Siren, the camera can be noticeable to deter intruders away when motion detected. You can turn it off if not needed.
Rank No. #6
xmartO WB2024-W 3MP WiFi Home Security Camera with Built-in Microphone (add-on Camera with 3.6mm Lens and 2K HD Resolution, Works only for NVRs Version 3.0 or Later)
  • This is the 2021 model xmartO add-on camera with 1080p HD resolution and built-in microphone. It works as an add-on camera to xmartO expandable camera systems, or to an xmartO NVR. Please mind, IT DOES NOT WORK AS A STANDALONE CAMERA. It requires an NVR to work.
  • 3MP HD - the 2k (2304*1296) HD camera delivers crystal clear image with sound.
  • Built-in microphone - with a microphone inside, you can now hear voice without plugging external microphones.
  • RJ45 port - the RJ45 ethernet port is back. With the Ethernet port, you can easily pair this camera to NVR with a CAT5 cable. When the WiFi signal is weak, you can choose to hard wire the camera to your router and then add it to your NVR with 'Add One' tool in Camera Manage. Please refer to xmartO website for more information or contact support team if you need help with camera pairing.
  • IR night vision & IP66 Weatherproof - with 3 professional IR LEDs array, the camera sees clear even in pitch darkness. The IP66-rated metal camera lets you mount it anywhere indoor or outdoor.
Rank No. #7
xmartO 2K Full HD Wireless Security Camera, PIR Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, WiFi IP Home Surveillance Bullet Camera with Night Vision, Remote Access, Ip65 Weather-Resistant(Pack of 2) (WW2024-Q2)
  • An ideal Wi-Fi camera for home or business. The camera can work alone or in group with iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac apps. It can also performs add-on camera for existed xmartO Wi-Fi camera systems
  • 【Pir + Video dual motion detection】- a refined way of motion detection. The camera detects human & animals, ignores three movements & light changes. You receive app notifications only when you have true visitors. And the notifications, come with a video clip showing you what happened
  • 【2-Way audio & siren】- the outdoor cameras come with 2-way audio and alarm siren. With that, you can hear and talk to your loved ones; or deter strangers away with your Warning, or an alarm siren
  • 【3MP Full HD】- The 2K Full HD IP camera lets you see crystal clear image, even in pitch darkness
  • 【Sd card storage, IP65 Weather-resistance】- it records to micro SD card up to 128G storage, or cloud storage in future. With IP65 Weather-resistance, the camera can be mounted almost anywhere
Rank No. #8
XMARTO 2K SHD Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, Pan Tilt Zoom, Auto Flood Light, WiFi Home Security Metal IP Camera with 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection MSG & Siren,NVRs or Standalone
  • This xmartO DZ2034 is a 2K Super HD WiFi PTZ camera for home and business surveillance. The camera works alone with phone Apps, and it can also be added to an xmartO NVR or NVR system for hard drive record.
  • 【PTZ Control & Auto Patrol】The pan & tilt structure lets you navigate the camera 355° left to right, 90° up and down to see full surroundings. Tap the A button the camera will auto pan to patrol the area.
  • 【Auto Floodlight】When motion detected, the built-in 4 LED flood lights turn on automatically. This keep the area well illuminated and deters unwanted intruders away.
  • 【Stunning Audio & Video】The 2K super HD camera brings crystal clear video with enhanced 2-way audio capability. You can view, hear and talk clearly from the Apps.
  • 【Easy Mobile live view & Playback】Free xmartO mobile Apps are easy to use to view your camera from anywhere anytime. Besides that, you can replay videos, records video clips, share video clips from the App. You can share the same camera with your families so you are all aware of your place and loved ones.
SaleRank No. #9
[Dual WiFi 3MP Audio Camera] xmartO Home Security Camera System Wireless with 4x 3MP Wireless Cameras Outdoor for Home and Business Surveillance (Dual WiFi in NVR, No Hard Disk Version), WRS2084
  • 【2020 Latest Dual-WIFI version】- this latest 2020 version has dual WiFi modules in the NVR. One reserved for cameras and the other for connecting to Internet. The cameras connect to the NVR's own WiFi to keep your current home WiFi clear. The 2nd inside WiFi lets you connect the system to Internet via WiFi. No need to hard wire the NVR to router anymore. This brings flexibility of NVR location.
  • 【Dual Records Mode Ongoing】- the system records 24*7 and records motion events simultaneously. While playback, it highlights the events for your attention, which saves a lot of your time. The App keeps a daily message list for your check if you are too busy to pay attention. The list shows all detected events of the day with snapshots and video clips.
  • 【Easy Plug N Play】- NVR and cameras auto-pair, you only need to mount the cameras within WiFi range to start monitoring. Note: Wireless means the cameras connect to the NVR wirelessly . Both Cameras and NVR require power supply plugged for 24/7 recording
  • 【Powered by AUTO Dream liner Wi-Fi relay tech】- the xmartO Dream Liner technology lets you use closer cameras as repeaters for further cameras. This helps to boost Wi-Fi range of cameras. Now the G3 version of Auto Dream Liner WiFi Relay technology makes it even easier. When a camera has too weak signal to the NVR, it automatically searches a close-by camera and use it a WiFi repetaer to reach the NVR.
  • Mobile live view & Playback – free mobile App and cloud technology enable you to view the cameras on your phone/ pad in 3 simple steps. You can also remote playback history videos in the hard drive from your phone/pad.
SaleRank No. #10
[Human/pet Detection] XMARTO Prime 8CH 2K HD Wireless Security Camera System with Color Night Vision, Human/pet PIR Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio and 1TB HDD (w. Smart Lights & Siren, WPS2K84-1TB)
  • Prime Series Wireless Home Security Camera System - The prime series home security camera systems have best possible quality and features, to meet your needs of home security. The 4 versatile cameras let you monitor 4 areas simultaneously. You can add 4 extra cameras if needed.
  • 【Human & Pet Detection】- The PIR + Video dual motion detection ensures that you receive accurate true App/ Email alerts. It's the notification service that you would like to leave it on. You see the snapshots/ short videos when you have a true visitor, and you are not disturbed when the cameras see moving plants, light changes, rain drops, moth etc.
  • 【Color Night Vision】- The accurate motion detection brings also accuracy to the motion-triggered flood lights. When a person, an animal or a vehicle enters the area at night, the cameras automatically turn on the flood lights and see color night vision. The camera light the area for you at night, and deter strangers away. The color night vision helps you to obtain more detailed evidences such the color of a vehicle.
  • 【Enhanced 2-way Audio】- With high-gain microphones & speakers in the security cameras, you can hear and talk your cameras from your phone.
  • 【G3 Long Range Auto WiFi Relay】- When a camera is having weak signal, it automatically searches and repeats to a close-by camera and then to the NVR. This helps to boost the mounting range of cameras.
Rank No. #11
xmartO 2K HD Dome PTZ Wireless Security Camera with Auto Tracking and Audio, Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Surveillance Camera Works standalone or with NVR, Record to SD Card, NVR or Cloud Storage
  • The xmartO DPM3024 is a metal dome camera with pan & tilt rotation control. With Auto-tracking feature, the camera automatically follows people and record activities. The WiFi camera works standalone with iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac Apps, also performs as add-on cameras to XMARTO NVRs.
  • Pan Tilt and Zoom - Inside the dome of this WiFi camera, the pan & tilt structure lets you navigate 355° left to right, 90° up and down to cover the whole place. Use 2 fingers to zoom in/out with 8x digital zoom to see more details.
  • Motion Detection Tracking - When motion detected, the WiFi camera follows the person and sends you App alerts with snapshots & video clips. It helps you to stay notified and retrieve events of past days.
  • Audio - with high-gain microphone built-in, the camera lets you hear while watching the video footages.
  • Weatherproof - the camera is safe to work outdoor or indoor. Ceiling mounting piece and 12V power adapter is included. If you need to mount it on wall, the BKT01 wall mount is optional.
Rank No. #12
960p 4mm xmartO WB1324N Add-on 960p HD 1.3 Megapixel IP Network Wireless Security Camera Weatherproof Outdoor with 80ft IR Night Vision (with Ethernet Port)
  • Add-on Cam only – NVR is required. This camera is an add-on for your existing smart wireless security camera system, It does not work individually. You can purchase it to add to your existing smart system or replace your existing smart camera.
  • [Comes with Ethernet port] This camera comes with three ports, one for power, one for external microphone and the last one is Ethernet port.
  • [960P HD crisp video] 1. 3 Megapixel 960p(1280x960) HD high definition video and image
  • [4mm Lens] The camera comes with wide angle 4mm lens, which gives you wider viewing angle than 6mm lens camera.
  • [80ft IR night vision] 3 infrared LED arrays, IR distance up to 80ft; color video at daytime and black & white image at night, auto switch
Rank No. #13
xmartO WG3034 2k Security Camera Outdoor, Security Camera Outdoor Wireless WiFi with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision Motion Detection Notification Cloud and SD Card Storage (Needs Plug for Power)
  • The xmartO WG3034 is a wireless security camera for houses, stores and offices. Its 2K HD videos + 2-way audio makes the camera practical at affordable price. 【NOTE】the camera sends video with WiFi, needs to plug with included AC adapter for power.
  • 【3 ways using the camera】You can use the security camera standalone with the free xmartO Apps, in Apps you can group many of them to split-screen view, or you can pair it to an xmartO NVR.
  • 【2K HD Video + 2-way Audio】The 2K HD (2304*1296) WiFi camera delivers crystal clear image day and night, with the non-intrusive IR LEDs. The built-in high-gain microphone and speaker lets you hear and talk on the phone.
  • 【Cloud Storage & SD Card】The camera supports up to 128GB TF card and encrypted AWS Cloud storage. With the various choice, you can replay and clip videos right from your phone App
  • 【12v DC power supply included】A 100-240v worldwide power supply is included to provide the camera 12V DC power. The camera needs to be plugged to a nearby outlet to work 24 x 7.
Rank No. #14
xmartO WNS28 8CH WiFi Security NVR/DVR with 1080p HD Screen Display (8CH 1080p, Easy Remote View, Supports SATA HDD)
  • This WNS28 is the upgrade version of xmartO NVRs. This NVR supports up to 8 xmartO WiFi security cameras. The compatible cameras include 5MP, 3MP, 2MP (1080p), 1.3MP (960p) and 1MP (720p) cameras. With a 12" 1080p Full HD screen integrated, it brings convenience and flexibility to use your home surveillance system.
  • 【Dual-WiFi inside】- this latest version has dual WiFi modules in the NVR. One reserved for cameras and the other for connecting to Internet. The cameras connect to the NVR's own WiFi to keep your current home WiFi clear. The 2nd inside WiFi lets you connect the system to Internet via WiFi. No need to hard wire the NVR to router anymore. This brings flexibility of NVR location.
  • 【Powered by G3 AUTO Dream liner Wi-Fi relay tech】- the xmartO Dream Liner technology comes to its 3rd generation. When a camera has weak WiFi signal, it automatically uses a closer camera as WiFi repeater to reach the NVR. This helps to boost Wi-Fi range of cameras and no manual setting needed. The xmartO WiFi camera systems have never been this strong and easy to use.
  • 【Dual Records Mode Ongoing】- the system records 24*7 and records motion events simultaneously. While playback, it highlights the events for your attention, which saves a lot of your time. The App keeps a daily message list for your check if you are too busy to pay attention. The list shows all detected events of the day with snapshots and video clips.
  • 【Easy Mobile live view & Playback】 – free mobile App and cloud technology enable you to view the cameras on your phone/ pad in 3 simple steps. You can also remote playback history videos in the hard drive from your phone/pad.
Rank No. #15
[Dream Liner WiFi Relay] xmartO 8 Channel 1080p HD Wireless Security Camera System with 4X 960p 1.3Megapixel Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Cameras (NVR Built-in Router, Auto-Pair, 80ft IR, No HDD)
  • [1000ft long range Wi-Fi] tested hundreds of times on open ground, The cameras work consistently while they are 1000ft away from the NVR receiver. The smart dream liner camera Wi-Fi relay tech. Extends the range to 2-3 times that far again. Comparing to wired systems, This saves you not only thousands feet of cables, but also thousands bucks to get cameras cabled.
  • [Plug and play with auto-pair tech] auto-pair means NVR finds cameras automatically when powered. No operation needed on any device, just plug them into power and you get the cameras' Images and the NVR to record automatically. It's that easy, easy for everyone.
  • [Comes with built-in Wi-Fi router] the NVR receiver has its own Wi-Fi router in. The cameras' HD video streams use that exclusive router instead of your home router. That keeps your network unaffected.
  • [See and replay from anywhere anytime, with no monthly fee] free smart Wall Pixel mobile App and cloud technology enable you to view the cameras on your phone/ pad in 3 simple steps. You can also remote playback history videos in the hard drive from your phone/pad.
  • [960P 1. 3MP HD images with audio] 1. 3 million pixels equal The pixels of an HD 720P camera + a 650TVL Wired camera. That delivers crystal clear HD images day and night. With an audio jack on each camera and HDMI + 3. 5" Audio out on NVR, you can add microphones to cameras to hear voice on TV, speaker and phone.


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