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Cnc Controller Board

After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 8,130 customer satisfaction about Best Cnc Controller Board, 5footway.inn have come up with the top 15 Best products you may be interested in Cnc Controller Board. We have ranked the best brands from our Experts backed with Artificial Intelligent and Big Data.

15 Best Cnc Controller Board of September 2021 – Reviews and Comparison

Rank No. #1
3 Axis GRBL 1.1f USB Port CNC Engraving Machine Control Board CNC Router Engraver Milling Machine Controller board
  • Name:Updated USB Port 3Axis GRBL 1.1f Control Board V3.4
  • Input voltage: 12-24VDC (recommend 24VDC)
  • Support software: GRBL Contol/Candle(3 axis)/Universal Gcode Sender;Support System:Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Support XYZ three-axis control, spindle.Support stepper motor: 12V, maximum current of 2A or less is recommended within 1.5A and additional heat. (Any stepper motor 42, 57);Support spindle:24V 2A Support Spindle PWM speed (0%-100%)
  • Master chip: atmel 328P (arduino nano);
SaleRank No. #2
6 Axis 125KHz NVCM USB Mach3 Stepper Motor Motion Control Card Breakout Board USB interface CNC Controller Board 12-32VDC for Servo Motor
  • ♞【Support software】This NVCM card support Mach3 software, through USB port to communicate with computer.
  • ♞【DC power supply input】main device is 12V-32V DC power supply input,current should higher than 1A;
  • ♞【Max 6 Axis Control】Can support 6 axis stepper systems maxisim,125KHz pulse output for every axis
  • ♞【PWM output】1 port 0-10V spindle speed analog output interface(can change to PWM output);
  • ♞【Multifunction】 Power supply interface, USB connection interface, Stepper/Servo control output interface, spindle control output interface, Estop and limited switch and tool setting input interface and so on.
Rank No. #3
3 Axis 1.1f USB GRBL Control Board with Offline Working Remote Hand GRBL Controller LCD Screen for CNC Laser Engraving Milling Machine Wood Router
  • Name: GRBL 1.1F 3 Axis Control Board V3.4+Offline Controller
  • Input voltage: 12-24VDC (recommend 24VDC);
  • Support GRBL Contol/Candle(3 axis);Laser Grbl;Support System:Windows XP/7/8/10;Support Laser:12V 5Amax;
  • Support stepper motor: 12V, maximum current of 2A or less is recommended within 1.5A and additional heat. (Any stepper motor 42, 57);Support spindle:24V 2A Support Spindle PWM speed (0%-100%)
  • Master chip: atmel 328P (arduino nano);Offline Control support SD card and tf card at the same time, standard capacity 1G, (notebooks generally have SD card interface, copy files are very convenient)
Rank No. #4
CNC Controller Board,GRBL CNC Shield,GRBL 1.1 Controller Board for CNC Engraving Machine
  • Perfectly Working on CNC machine:upgrading GRBL 1.1 controller(3 axes,power input 24V (12-24)
  • Support System: Windows XP; Wins 7/8/10
  • Support Step motor: 42/57 step motor (1.3A/0.3Nm/24V)
  • Support Spindle motor: 775ER (24V/10000rmp/support PWM 0%-100%)
  • Support Laser: 12V5A max (1W/2.5W/5.5W/7W/10W/15W)
Rank No. #5
MACH3 Motion Card 4 Axis USB CNC Motion Controller Card Breakout Board for Engraving 100 KHz
  • 100 KHZ---The maximum step-pulse frequency is of Mach3 motion card is 100KHz, which is suitable for the servo or stepping motor. Support for 4-axis linkage, you can connect four stepper motor drives or servo drives
  • SUPPORT---The Mach3 motion card supports automatic probe tool, emergency input, limit switch, connecting electronic handwheel. It also need an external 24V DC power supply to isolate USB and external port, making the system more stable
  • 0-10 V OUTPUT PORT---Having 0-10V output port, the mach3 software can be used to control the spindle motor speed. With 1 status LED, the connection status could be indicated on the board clearly
  • 4 GENERAL-PURPOSE INPUTS---With 4 general-purpose inputs, you can connect the limit switch, estop switch, probe switch, back to zero and other device
  • 4 GENERAL-PURPOSE OUTPUT---With 4 general-purpose isolated relay drive output interface, can drive four relays for controlling the spindle starts, forward rotating and reverse rotating, pumps and other device
Rank No. #6
Centroid 4 axis Acorn DIY CNC motion controller kit (REV 4) with CNC software, replaces MachMotion,WinCNC,Mach3,EMC2,KCAM4,Smooth Stepper
  • 4 axis CNC Controller kit for Mill, Lathe, Router, and other specialty CNC machine tools
  • On-board motion control CPU (Beagle Bone Green ARM cortex A8) with Ethernet communication to the CNCPC
  • 8 inputs 8 outputs, Easy CNC Setup Wizard, Legacy DB25 connector, command stepper motors and AC brushless motors
  • Runs on Centroid industrial Mill and Lathe CNC software (Windows 10), Touch Screen Compatible Operators Control panel. Three Software Levels, Free (50Kb file size limit), Pro and Digitizing Bundle see website for full details. User editable Virtual Control Panel.
  • Spindle Encoder input, VFD Spindle control analog output, Industrial CNC features at DIY price
SaleRank No. #7
RATTMMOTOR GRBL Red Control Board 3 Axis USB Port CNC Engrving Machine Controller with USB Cable for DIY Mini CNC Machine
  • Voltage: 24V ( 110V-240V ); Current: 5A-6A;Support OS: Windows XP, Win7, Linux
  • Power interface: 5.5-2.5mm DC interface;Spindle PWM speed: Support;Interface: USB (USB-CH340); Software: Grblcontrol/Lasergrbl
  • Do not support win10/win8/Mac OS system. The compatibility of the win10 system is very poor, the GRBL control board and the window10 system may not be compatible, and unknown (unsolvable) problems may occur. In order to ensure a good shopping experience for buyers, we have made a reminder on the product page that doesn't support win10 system.
  • Support port: Support for using offline control module, support for connecting toolsetter; Spindle PWM speed: Support
  • It is not recommended to update the software or firmware of the control board, otherwise the control board will be damage.(If you have any questions about this board, please feel free to let us know)
Rank No. #8
SainSmart Genmtisu CNC Router Machine Controller Board for 3018-PROVer
  • This controller board is compatible with Genmitsu CNC 3018-PROVer, but if you purchase the Genmitsu 3018-MX3 and you don't want to use Mach3 Software, you can change into this controller board.
  • Applicable Software: Grblcontrol (Candle), LaserGRBL, and other software that supports GRBL firmware, GRBL firmware version V1.1f.
  • USB interface communication, support 3-axis engraving, and laser module.
  • Input interface: X Y Z limit (HOME) interface, Z-axis tool return to zero, emergency stop switch interface, GRBL offline controller interface.
  • All control signals are isolated by optocoupler and have strong Anti-interference ability
Rank No. #9
3D Printer CNC Controller Kit with for ArduinoIDE, Longruner GRBL CNC Shield Board+RAMPS 1.4 Mechanical Switch Endstop DRV8825 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Nema 17 Stepper Motor LKB02
  • ★ Latest CNC Shield Expansion Board V3.0 ★-CNC shield board is updated version 3.0, which is suitable for CH340G Shield 3.0 version compatible with for ArduinoIDE, GRBL 0.9.
  • ★ Professional 3D printer CNC Kit ★ This is a professional 3d printer DIY kit with multiple types of modules or components you need. It is a great assortment set for starters and professionals.
  • ★ Premium Quality ★ Each part of this Logrunner 3d printer conk kit was made of premium material. These components can be used in a wide range of application.
  • ★ DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver with Heat Sinks ★ High quality stepper motor drive with 4 Aluminum Cooler, running within 2.5A current (Maximum), compatible with for ArduinoIDE software and hardware.
  • ★ Good after-sales service. We'll respond within 24 hours for any questions.
Rank No. #10
CNC Control Board, MYSWEETY GRBL 3 Axis Engraving Machine Controller Board for DIY Mini CNC Wood Router Engraver Machine
  • Input voltage: 24V (12-24V).
  • Stepper motor drive: A4988.
  • Software: GRBL controller, Universal Gcode Sender.
  • Support XYZ three-axis control, spindle.
  • Support stepper motor: 12V, the maximum current within 2A, recommended within 1.5A and additional heat. (Any stepper motor 42, 57).
Rank No. #11
3 Axis GRBL Control Board USB Port CNC Router Controller Board grbl 1.1f with GRBL Offline Controller Remote Hand Control for CNC Engraver Engraving Milling Machine Mini DIY CNC 1610/2418/3018 PRO
  • Name: GRBL 1.1F 3 Axis Control Board V3.4+Offline Controller
  • Input voltage: 12-24VDC (recommend 24VDC);
  • Support GRBL Contol/Candle(3 axis);System:Windows XP/7/8/10;
  • Support stepper motor: 12V, maximum current of 2A or less is recommended within 1.5A and additional heat. (Any stepper motor 42, 57);Support spindle:24V 2A Support Spindle PWM speed (0%-100%)
  • Master chip: atmel 328P (arduino nano);Offline Control support SD card and tf card at the same time, standard capacity 1G, (notebooks generally have SD card interface, copy files are very convenient)
Rank No. #12
TB6560 4 Axis Nema 23 Stepper Motor Driver Board CNC Controller Breakout Board 3A 12-36V DC 4V Type with parallel cable For CNC Router Milling Engraving Machine
  • 4-wire 0-3.5A normally 3A , the 3.5A is the peak currentcan be regulated rate current output, bipolar stepper motor driver.
  • Standard parallel port , supports Mach2 Mach3,EMC2 and KCAM 4 etc.
  • Optical isolated (IO) and DCDC power isolated to protect the PC parallel port and other equipments.
  • 4 working modes: mixed mode , fast mode, slow mode, standard mode 4-microstep: 1 1/2 1/4 1/16 .
Rank No. #13
Ethernet MACH3 Motion Control Card with CNC Controller, 1PCS NVEM CNC Controller 6 Axis MACH3 Ethernet Interface Motion Control Card Board, Spindle PWM Output Control for Machine Tool Systems
  • 【MACH3 Motion Control Card】It can Control 6 stepper motor running at the same time maximallyWith 12 programmable input interfaces, it can be configured with functions such as limit emergency stop; With 10 programmable output interfaces, it can be configured as controlled peripherals such as water cooling and fog cooling; With 1 channel standard Manual pulse MPG interface
  • 【Must Comply Point】If it does not support CNC software, please follow the steps below to check1. Ensure that the control card is normally powered on (DC24V) 2. Turn off the windows system firewall 3. Set the IP address correctly (for example 192.168.1.*) 4. Install the control card plug-in correctly 5. Put the plug-in under the mach3 installation directory
  • 【MACH3 Software 】Spindle PWM output control, Ethernet interface, support MACH3 software.DC electrical isolation, Optocoupler isolation
  • 【Application field】1.It is used for processing all kinds of colorful molds, such as embossing plate, pattern-writing mold, instrument mould, glass mould, etc. 2.Used in advertising, such as:, signs, building models, badges, furniture decoration, etc. 3.Used for portrait, landscape, calligraphy engraving, seal and other artistic graphic sculpture. 4.With CNC controller, it is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automatic equipment and instruments.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】If you have questions about the product or are not satisfied with it, please contact us at any time, we will provide you with a best solution. Your satisfaction is our main concern.
Rank No. #14
RATTMMOTOR Mach3 USB CNC Controller Board 4 Axis CNC Motion Control Card USB Interface Breakout Board for Stepper Motor Drive
  • Model Name: Mach3 USB Motion Card; 4-axis linkage, Maximum step-pulse frequency: 100KHz, support connect four stepper motor drives or servo drives.
  • This USB motion card does not need install any USB driver, Windows2000/XP/Windows7,can directly identify (Notice: Doesn't support Win8/win10/macOS system !!!) .
  • Signal Output:0-10V, it can control the spindle motor speed through using mach3 software.
  • If you are not familiar with the product and software features, make sure the machine's power switch on hand, you can quickly turn off the power.
  • Recommends that users install the emergency stop button and make sure the button is functioning properly.
Rank No. #15
5 Axis Mach3 Stepper Motor Controller Board Breakout Board interface board For CNC Router Engraving Milling Machine
  • Name:Mach3 Control Board;The MACH3 interface board is connected to the computer through the USB port and the LPT port. The length of the USB cable and the 25-bit LPT cable cannot exceed 1.5 meters.
  • 1. A special high speed chip is used to process the input and output (I/O) signals. It is capable of making the machine work stably, with the features of correcting and enlarging the signals that removing the unnecessary disturb signals.
  • 2. The computer LPT port supplies the power individually, separating from the power supply of other parts. Therefore, the computer and machine tool isolate effectively. It makes the data more secure, with further insurance of security and stability.
  • 3. There are 5 input signals, communicating with the host computer, which are isolated by the optical coupling. Among the optical coupling isolation, the P11and P12 are high-speed, which can be used for connecting main shaft encoder, or the same demanding signal as hand wheel A, B.
  • 4. There are 12 output signal, which is allowed to controlling output, supporting as many as 6 axis linkage. Some of the output port is reusable functinality. Meanwhile, one port only can be used as one function.5.This board only support LPT port,if your laptop does not have its own parallel port,you need purchase a PCI LPT converte Card.


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