” Weber Smokey Joe 14 Portable ” Charcoal Grill Best Review

Small but mighty, the Weber Smokey Joe 14″ is the best grill on the move.

Whether you are tailgating in the ballpark or camping in the jungle, the Weber Smokey Joe has all your grilling needs covered. It is a lightweight grill that is ideal for cooking or traveling outside for a bit of group.

The Smokey Joe lately maintained the most effective portable grill honor on the manual to charcoal grills for 2018.

Constructed in substantially the same manner as the more enormous Weber kettles, you might discover that the Smokey Joe does the same top excellent job we have all come to expect from Weber, among the world’s most trusted and recognized manufacturers.

Weber Smokey Joe 14 Portable

“Weber Smokey Joe 14” Review

The Smokey Joe continues to be famous for several years thanks to this Weber high quality, in a modest price tag.

The Weber Smokey Joe 14″ comes in 2 variations, Gold and Silver, and we will be talking about the differences between both versions. But to begin, let us discuss the way they’re similar.

For starters, the two versions include a 14.5-inch diameter cooking grate that’s triple nickel-plated. You could be thinking about why the diameter is 14.5 if the title says 14, but only because of Weber pasting the grill to fit their advertising strategies.

Weber guarantees customers that they get that extra half-inch of the grill; it simply is not in the product title. We assessed to make sure, along with the Weber Smokey Joe 14″ is 14.5 inches in diameter.

 To place that dimension into perspective, you would rather have the ability to match three big steaks or six hamburgers at one time.

 So what is the difference between Gold and Silver? We’ll go into more detail shortly, but there’s only one crucial difference.

 The Weber Smokey Joe 14″ Silver version has a little aluminum disc-shaped ash catcher positioned beneath the base damper. The Weber Smokey Joe 14″ Gold version doesn’t have ash foliage, nor does it possess a drag below the irrigation tray.

 On the other hand, the Gold version does include a suitable handle that secures the lid during storage or transport.

 What We Like:

  • Durability — the Weber Smokey Joe 14″ is designed to survive, and lots of clients share they have experienced their Smokey Joe nicely over 10-15 decades. Using a similar design and construction to the more enormous Weber kettles, you receive the premium caliber of other popular Weber versions, but in a fraction of the purchase price.
  • Convenience: If you are doing some little capacity outdoor cooking, then the Weber Smokey Joe 14″ is your thing to do. It is small, easy to transport, and may be used pretty much everywhere. Take it camping, to the beach, tailgating, or use it from your backyard.
  • Speedy Assembly: There is not much for this small grill, and its simplicity is a bonus to its design. We’d both the Gold and Silver versions built-in under fifteen minutes, which makes for a quick and effortless installation.
  • Silver Model’s Ash Catcher — We favor the Silver version’s ash catcher into the Gold version’s closed layout. Although it’s OK that the secure foundation of the Gold version prevents hot ash from blowing around our food, it will make cleanup a little more time-consuming since ashes can not be eliminated until the coals along with the charcoal rack have been eliminated.
  • Gold Model’s”Tuck and Take Lid Holder” — This locked lid makes storage and transportation of this Weber Smokey Joe simpler and convenient. The Gold version does cost a bit more than the Silver, but this attribute will make that worthwhile.

What We Do Not Like:

  •  No more Thermometer: Even though we do not usually expect the thermometers often found at the lid of other Weber versions because of their inaccuracy, the thermometer’s lack on the Smokey Joe is noteworthy. But, investing in a great digital thermometer makes for a great, fast fix for this problem.
  • Handles — One thing missing out of this layout would be gripping on the sides of the grill to help in transportation. If You Have to go to the grill after your coals are hot, You’re out of luck unless you pull out grill gloves to protect your hands from the hot body of this grill. Size

 That having been said if you’re planning on cooking for larger groups of people that you may wish to consider updating to the Weber Kettle Original.

 Provided that you intend on mostly cooking for 2-3 people at a time, or utilizing different grills in precisely the same period, then the Smoker Joe is an excellent portable grill.

Build Quality

One thing could be stated about Weber; they genuinely don’t create a lousy grill. The Weber Smokey Joe 14″ is no exception. It has the same high quality that we have come to expect from Weber.

 It is designed to survive, and it includes a ten-year guarantee. Many clients have experienced their Weber Smokey Joe for many decades, and it’s lived an extensive journey and weathered each of the elements.

 They are solidly constructed and have many features, like the porcelain-enameled lid and bowl, made with durability in mind.

 Both versions include a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl, which can be baked on at greater than 1500°F to fuse the end into the steel, preventing rust and use. The dampers on both the Gold and Silver models are aluminum, resistant to rust, and permit simple control of atmosphere and warmth.

 The nylon handle is glass-reinforced for simple handling when replacing or removing the lid during cooking. The three-legged design can be present on both versions, and they weigh in at a lightweight 9.5 lbs.

 Ease of Use

 Quick and simple to set up, you will end up spending only minutes building the Weber Smokey Joe 14″, which means that you can get into the proper grilling earlier.

 The grill heats up quickly, and you’ll be able to keep your coals hot by controlling the vents on top (and at the base on the Silver version ). Just take the lid off, and things get hot quickly with all the open airflow.

 It is the small things that count, and therefore it’s worth mentioning that Weber contains a 31-page owner’s manual that is packed filled with cooking tips and recipes that will have you exploring an assortment of different cooking choices.

 With either design, cleanup may be a minor hassle; however, we favor the simpler to wash ash catcher of the Silver version to get a faster cleanup.

 But when we had been doing more travel, the Gold version has the Silver conquer for ease of transport due to its”Tuck and Carry Lid Holder.”

 With a bit of creativity, you can also utilize Smokey Joe as a smoker. Have a look at this movie from Baby Back Maniac to observe how it’s done.

 Weber Smokey Joe Gold vs. Weber Smokey Joe Silver

 As we mentioned before, the Gold version doesn’t have ash foliage, and its ashes cannot be removed before the coals and charcoal rack have been eliminated. This makes cleanup harder and much more inconvenient, but it might be a plus to you for the simple fact that you don’t have ash blowing around during cooking, like using the open plate ash catcher of the Silver version.

 The ash catcher of the Silver version is suitable for simple cleanup. However, one thing to be skeptical of is how much the ash flies around throughout your cooking since they cannot just get on your food but also clog up the portholes of the floor venting.

 The locking handle that simplifies the Gold version’s lid is fantastic, which could be well worth the few additional dollars for this model. It certainly is helpful once you’re on the move.

 So, which version is ideal for you?

 If you travel regularly and need a grill that is created for being hauled, select the Gold. If you’re planning on using your own Weber Smokey Joe more around the yard instead of on the move, get the Silver version.

 If You Get the Weber Smokey Joe 14″?

 The Weber Smokey Joe 14″ is a totally portable grill that is fantastic for little capacity cooking. If you are a killer on the move searching for a grill that could satisfy your camping, tailgating, or picnic wants, look no farther than the Weber Smokey Joe 14″.

 It provides excellent high cooking without a tall price and is constructed to continue without having many bells and whistles to make it a good grill.

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