” Weber Performer Deluxe ” Charcoal Grill Best Review

The Weber Performer Deluxe is a charcoal grill that I have, and if you like the taste of food cooked over a charcoal fire, however, enjoy the convenience of a gas grill, I feel it’s the charcoal grill that you ought to possess too.

Weber continues with more than 30 years of expertise is the most respected and recognized brands grill brand available. Their designs are famous for their quality and versatility, and the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill isn’t any exclusion.

Robust features are packed to the charcoal grill, such as Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate (now a standard part on all new Performers), an electronic timer plus a gas-powered charcoal lighter, along with an unbelievable amount of space.

We named the Performer Deluxe the best mid-range choice in our round-up of their very best charcoal grills to 2018.

In case you’re trying to find a fresh charcoal grill, continue reading to find out why we believe the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill is ideal for carrying your grilling match to the next level.

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill 

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill Overview

The Weber Performer Deluxe includes precisely the Exact Same cooking area as your regular Weber Original Kettle. Where it sets itself apart is your built-in work seat.

The porcelain-enameled bowl is 22 inches in diameter, along your entire cooking area has been an incredible 363 square inches. What exactly does that mean to your cookout? It means you could pack 13 hamburgers at one time on this poor boy.

The gas ignition method functions by simply pressing a button. A standard disposable propane bottle fuels the Touch-N-Go gas ignition. This usually means no fussing about with light charcoal.

This grill could get reasonably hot! Fortunately, the redesigned nylon lid handle is a fantastic addition that helps keep your hands protected from the heat while still lifting and closing the lid.

Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System has become standard with this model. This is a two-part grate system that lets you take out the middle part of this steel-plated, hinged grate and substitute it with an assortment of add-on cooking surfaces like a wok, pizza stone, or skillet.

The hinged grate also allows for simple accessibility to replenish your charcoal. This version also includes two charcoal stickers, which can be readily transferred to make direct and indirect heating zones, providing you with greater control over the cooking temperatures.

Another wonderful accessory to this grill is your LCD electronic timer, which may be taken out of the unit.

Construction & Simplicity of Assembly

The Weber Performer has the same standard layout and quality materials which you expect from all of the products in their line. The other creations, such as the flame bowl divider, the thermometer in the lid, the one-touch ash cleanout system, and the one-touch ignition method, are nice small add-ons.

The cart can also be a step forward from the arguably rickety tripod base of this traditional 22-inch Weber kettle. Nonetheless, there are just two minor design flaws worth noting. For starters, the lid still has the same rickety hook system with just a minor tweak.

The cart also includes two big wheels, which operate well. Regrettably, they are paired with just two relatively small casters. If you would like to transfer the Weber Performer over any rocky terrain, then you need to lift until the caster side wheels it together.

A few online retailers offer free or cheap, expert assembly support once it comes to the meeting. Nonetheless, if you still have any mechanical tendency, you do not need it. Weber took their time composing the documentation to create it as easy as possible to use. That is fine, considering it might have been a comparatively frustrating matter to assemble.

Grilling Performance

The Weber Performer can do everything you expect in the traditional 22-inch kettle grill, and then some! Together with the classic, it was pretty challenging to improvise it like a smoker or hybrid grill. The discretionary flame bowl divider, which is included with the celebrity, permits you to make two different heat zones.

This means that you can set this up using a hot flame on one side without a fire on the flip to barbecue smaller pieces of meat. Within this arrangement, you could have the ability to adapt a little pork shoulder or state a chuck roast for pit beef sandwiches. There is not enough available space to take care of a brisket. If you wished to perform a complete rack of spareribs, you might be better off cutting it down to 3-rib portions.

Should you place this up using a high fire on one side of the divider and a meager fire on the flip side, you can get a hybrid grill a small quantity of food. A perfect example is to put a marinated bone-in chicken thighs across the reduced heat to cook and break down a few of those challenging muscle fibers. Then you can transfer them to the top heat to sear and mark them off.

Grilling Areas

The Weber Performance provides a bit over 380 square inches of grill area to the chrome-plated grates. The conventional purchase includes the static grill. But, Weber also sells additional grates which have hinges. This might be useful if you would like to utilize the divider for smoking and will need to reload coals on either side.

Special Features

The one-touch ignition process is convenient, and it is not something that you find with a lot of competitions.

The cart itself is a minor distinctive feature since it improves stability and has a timer and extra storage.

The flame bowl divider is also a wonderful touch. It permits you to convert it into an improvised smoker or even a hybrid grill.

Ease to Clean

The Weber Performer is comparatively simple to wash. The grill grates are somewhat tacky but straightforward enough to scratch down.

The one-touch ash collection method is convenient, with a couple of minor caveats. The mechanism which turns within it’s a bent for jamming on unspent coals. It will do this increase over time. If you shut off the dampers to suffocate the flame, you’re more likely to wind up with unburned balls.

These will jam up or will not pass into the ash set bin below the fire bow. On the contrary, it may be better to allow the fire to burn all of the ways down to good ash until shuffling it all neatly to the collection bin.


Weber has a reputation for standing behind their products with a solid guarantee. The Weber Performer includes a limited warranty of

The lid and bowl have ten decades of coverage against rust and also burn.

The One-Touch cleaning program has five decades of coverage against rust and also burn.

All Vinyl elements have a five-year warranty against fading and factory flaws.

All other remaining components include a two-year guarantee.

Build Excellent

It is correct that the Performer Deluxe does not quite measure up to old versions in terms of being”heavy duty,” however, compared to other charcoal grills at its price range, this version stands out above the rest.

Entirely constructed, you take a look at a grill that steps 43.5-inch by 48-inch by 30-inch and weighs about 100 lbs. The cartwheels make it convenient and straightforward to roll up your grill outside to the yard with minimal work.

Among the most significant attributes about its layout would be the grates. They are made from heavy-duty steel and will be an ideal thickness for keeping the perfect quantity of heat for cooking.

These grates are reminiscent of this Original Kettle. However, you won’t find that caliber of grate on several of Weber’s different versions.

Especially the fact which you could set these grates with Weber’s other add-on cooking surfaces, you get an excellent top grill at a fantastic value of a cost.

Benefits of Use

As we have stated, the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill is simple to use. Follow the directions, along with your grill is going to be put up in next to no time.

You do not need to be a professional grill master to utilize the Performer Deluxe. Just use the Touch-N-Go ignition to light your charcoal, and then in ten minutes, you are ready to cook!

Have a look at the video below to determine the way the Touch-N-Go ignition program functions in action.

We’re particularly pleased with how simple it was to maneuver the charcoal baskets to present our grill indirect and direct heat zones.

This gave us the capability to simultaneously cook numerous sorts of food and remain in charge of the cooking temperatures. We can cook our meat over direct heat while our grilled vegetables completed cooking within the indirect heating zone, meaning that our entire meal ended at precisely the same time and has been served hot, hot, hot!

Ensure that you maintain your grill covered when it is left out in the components. Your charcoal bin might be weather protected. However, your grill is not. With no cover, you can see damage from rain or other weather, and you also would like to maintain this grill functioning at its optimum performance for many years to come.

The Performer Deluxe is also easy to clean with its enclosed ash-catcher and One-Touch cleaning system.

Fair warning, the ash-catcher can occasionally be tricky to eliminate, but with a small attempt to squeezing the deal, it ought to come free.

Weber Performer GBS vs. Weber Performer Premium vs. Weber Performer Deluxe

The Weber Performer lineup all has many different additional features plus a ten-year guarantee. The Weber Performer, Performer Premium, and Performer Deluxe likewise contain the Weber Gourmet BBQ system as a standard attribute.
So what is the difference?

The average Performer doesn’t incorporate the Charmin, the removable timer, nor the digital gas ignition for fast lighting. Its work area can be considerably smaller.

The Performer Premium includes a larger work area than the GBS, using its cart layout instead of a fold-down work table. Sad to say, the Performer Premium also doesn’t incorporate the Touch-N-Go ignition.

The Performer Deluxe is the only version to incorporate each of the features described here, such as the digital gas ignition. It’s also the only model to include a Gourmet System Sear Grate Accessory.

If You Purchase the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill?

Apart from some minor flaws with the lid and removable cooking timer, we discovered the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill for an excellent premium product that’s worth its price. We appreciated how simple it was to use and were impressed with all its specific features. This is one charcoal grill we could suggest to everybody, from beginner to professional degree grill.
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