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12V Delay Off Relay

After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 9,282 customer satisfaction about Best 12V Delay Off Relay, 5footway.inn have come up with the top 15 Best products you may be interested in 12V Delay Off Relay. We have ranked the best brands from our Experts backed with Artificial Intelligent and Big Data.

15 Best 12V Delay Off Relay of August 2022 – Reviews and Comparison

Rank No. #1
HELLA 996152131 12V Delay-On-Release, Time Delay Relay, Black
  • HELLA electric - electronic solutions provide crucial help in making driving safer, more efficient and more comfortable. HELLA also supports the trend of electric driving with an extensive product portfolio for all development stages of electrification
  • HELLA relays are meant to do their job reliably for a long time because perfection and durability is one of our strengths right down to the smallest detail. HELLA offers reliable products and one of the widest ranges in the industry
  • Automotive grade delay-on-release adjustable time delay relay. 12 volt, 4 pins for simple control and ON - OFF switching function
  • Adjustable between 0 seconds up to 15 minutes using two simple dip switches for programming and an adjustable control dial
  • Capable of 20 amp switching and carry for up to 30 minutes
Rank No. #2
UCTRONICS DC 12V Time Delay Relay Module with Plastic Enclosure, On Delay and Off Delay for Automobile, Raspberry Pi, Industrial Control, and Other Electronic Projects
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V; Quiescent Current: 5.5mA; Max. Operating Current: 42mA; Max. Load Voltage: terminal NC is DC 30V or AC 250V, terminal NO is DC 28V or AC 125V; Max. Load Current: 10A
  • Functions: Supports on delay and off delay modes, the delay time can be adjusted from 0.1s to 1h, the delay mode and delay time can be set by shorting or opening the jumper pins and rotating the potentiometer.
  • Self Protection: Built with protection against reversal diode, supports anti-reverse protection. NOTE: Please remove the jumper cap of S5 when controlling AC current or DC current voltages other than 12V, otherwise the module will be burned or will not work properly.
  • Applications: This module works as a switch with time delay on and off function, highly recommended for automotive circuit modification, and LED lights, DC motors, pump and smart home control system.
  • You'll Be Getting: A time delay relay module U6031, 2 pieces of protective case and 2 mounting screws; the plastics case keep the module free from dust and water, which is available for more applications than the separate module.
Rank No. #3
Delay Timer Switch,GRT8-B1 AC/DC 12V~240V Mini Power Off Delay Time Relay DIN Rail Type
  • This is a single function power-off delay relay and time delay can be set by panel knob.
  • Super wide time delay range of 0.1s - 10days.
  • With super small volume, this relay can be mounted on 35mm DIN rail.
  • Multifunction time relay with AC/DC 12V-240V working voltage.
  • Relay working status is indicated by LED indicators.
Rank No. #4
GRT8-B1 AC/DC 12V~240V Delay Time Relay Mini Power Off Delay Time Relay DIN Rail Type with LED Indicators
  • [Single function relay]:This is a single function power-off delay relay and time delay can be set by panel knob.
  • [DIN rail type]:DIN rail type, can be mounted on 35mm DIN rail.
  • [Super wide delay time]:This time relay has super wide delay time, the range is between 0.1s and 10days.
  • [Relay status]:Designed with LED indicators, you can know the relay working status at anytime.
  • [Working voltage]:With AC/DC 12V-240V working voltage.
Rank No. #5
12 Volt Timer Relay, DROK 0.1s to 999min 50mA 4-Mode On-Off Automotive Digital Delay Relay, Electric Delay Timer Switch, Cycle Time Delay Module with LED Display
  • 4 MODE TIME DELAY RELAY: DROK 12V relay is provided with 4 different settings and supports various triggering signal source, like positive side of power supply triggering, Button, PNP sensor, PLC signal, which is available for most of applications.
  • WIDE ADJUSTABLE TIMING RANGE: This off delay relay supports widest timing range, 0.1 seconds to 999 minutes adjustable, which can fulfilled your various need.
  • STRONG ANTI-INTERFERENCE ABILITY: The output of digital timer relay adopts optocoupler isolation, which enhances the capacity of resisting disturbance power consumption.
  • SUPER SIMPLE OPERATION: Our relay board is operated by buttons and the delay module is equipped with LED digital display which is convenient for you to check the set value.
  • AUTOMATIC SAVING FUNCTION: After you finish the setting, you can cut off the power and then the parameters will be saved automatically, handy and convenient.
Rank No. #6
Timer Relay, Icstation Delay Relay DC 5V-30V Time Delay Switch 12V 24V10A Programmable Relay Switch Module LED Display Digital Time Cycle 0.1s-999mins ON-Off Control
  • WIDE VOLTAGE: Working voltage is DC 5V-30V, suitable for most equipment, very convenient. Support micro USB 5V power supply. It can be used to control the equipment within DC 30V 5A or within AC 220V 5A.
  • TRIGGER: Support a variety of trigger signal sources, such as high-level trigger, switch trigger, serial communication trigger, PNP sensor. In addition, there are 16 working modes, including 4 modes without triggering and 12 modes requiring triggering.
  • WIDE TIMING RANGE: Minimum 0.1 seconds, maximum 999 minutes, continuously adjustable. It can be able to set OP, CL, LOP, CLL, CLH parameters, and they are independent of each other and saved separately.
  • EMERGENCY STOP FUNCTION: Built-in one-key emergency stop function, with reverse connection protection and optocoupler isolation. All parameters are automatically saved after power failure.
  • SLEEP MODE: After power on, if there is no operation for 3 minutes, the display will automatically turn off, press any key to wake up.
Rank No. #7
Mini Timer Time Delay Relay .1 Sec to 400 days. 3V 12V 18V 5A. Power on or Off Delay, Cycling and More. Compatible with B00PD65UGA
  • UNIVERSAL TIMER - Universal Timer delay module allows delaying power or disconnecting power after preset period of time. There are more than 29 modes to match your project requirements.
  • MULTIPLE USES - Ready to use 3v to 18v 5 amp timer. Great for amplifier delay, industrial control, hobby projects, etc. Manual contains number of use examples.
  • PRECISE - The circuit utilizes an embedded micro controller so the time delay is precisely repeated every time. Once configured the parameters are stored into internal flash memory.
  • TIME SETTINGS - Can be set to delay On or Off or cycle power and much more. 29 different modes
  • MADE IN USA - Made in the United States.
Rank No. #8
Timer Relay Module DC 12V Delay Timer Switch Relay Board Adjustable Signal 0 to 25 Second Trigger Turn Off Module for Car Lamp Delay
  • ADJUSTABLE TIME: The chronopotentiometry regulation time, adjustable from 0 to 25 seconds by default, if you need more time, simply replace a larger capacitance or potentiometer.
  • EASY TO USE: The timer switch relay module is easy to operate. You only need to turn on the power of the module, and the relay is immediately energized. If there is no power, connect the terminal to the COM terminal.
  • TRIGGER DELAY: The relay module is normally open, and its trigger signal can be high or low level signal, suitable for industrial control, and can be triggered repeatedly.
  • WIDE USE: The timer module can be used in robotics, car lamp delay, intelligent product development, automation equipment, PLC development, intelligent home, burglar alarm delay, and development of electronic.
  • CHARACTERISTIC: The operating voltage: 12 volts DC. The use of high-performance timing CPU design. One size: 52*16mm.
Rank No. #9
Timer Relay, DROK Time Delay Relay DC 5V 12V 24V Delay Controller Board Delay-off Cycle Timer 0.01s-9999mins Trigger Delay Switching Relay Module with LCD Display Support Micro USB 5V Power Supply
  • DROK timer relay operating voltage range is DC 6-30V, support micro USB 5.0 V power supply; support high level trigger 3.0v-24v and low level trigger 0v-0.2v; timing range is 0.01s~9999mins, can be continuously adjustable.
Rank No. #10
DC 12V Timer Module,Adjustable Timer Delay Turn Off Module Timing Relay Time Switch 1~10sec
  • Delay relay: Turn on the power of the module, press the button once, and the relay is connected (normally open and common terminal is on), and the delay is 1 to 10 and it can be turned off.
  • Widely used: Timer module widely used on timer operating equipment, robots, intelligent product development, automation equipment, PLC development, smart home anti-theft alarm delay, electronic development, etc.
  • Operation: Turn on the power, then press the trigger switch to turn on the load, and turn off the load after the delay time; the time range is 1 second to 10 seconds, which can be adjusted by the potentiometer. If you need longer time, simply replace a larger capacitor or potentiometer.
  • Protection function: Off delay timer supports reverse input protection, with a trigger button switch, adjustable time, and versatile.
  • Trigger the delay module: After supplying power to the module, the power indicator will light up, and the status of the module output terminal is: normally open and public disconnection, normally closed and public conduction.
Rank No. #11
DC 12V Delay Relay Module Board 0-25 Second Adjustable Timer Relay Turn On/Turn Off Switch Module with Opto-couplers Isolator
  • 12V trigger delay normally open relay module, repeatedly triggering effective
  • Delay time can be adjusted by potentiometer, default 0-25 seconds, if you need more time, simply replace a larger capacitance or potentiometer
  • Power supply terminal has anti-reverse diode for protection
  • Trigger signal can be high level or low level signals, suitable for industrial control, the module can be triggered repeatedly
  • It can be used in robotics, car lamp delay, intelligent product development, automation equipment, PLC development, intelligent home, burglar alarm delay, and development of electronic
Rank No. #12
Timer Relay, Adjustable Signal Trigger Turn Off Delay Timer Switch Relay Module 12V
  • Trigger Repeatedly-12V trigger delay normally open relay module, repeatedly triggering effective
  • Time Adjustable-Delay time can be adjusted by potentiometer(clockwise to reduce, anticlockwise to increase), default 0-25 seconds, if you need more time, simply replace a larger capacitance or potentiometer.
  • Protection-Power supply terminal has anti-reverse diode for protection
  • Trigger Signal-That can be high level or low level signals, suitable for industrial control, the module can be triggered repeatedly
  • Wide Application-It can be used in robotics, car lamp delay, intelligent product development, automation equipment, PLC development, intelligent home, burglar alarm delay, and development of electronic
Rank No. #13
DC 5V-36V Timer Module Trigger Cycle Delay Timer Switch Turn On/Off Relay Module with LED Display
  • 【High performance 】Compared to normal electromagnetic relay modules, it has a longer service life.High performance control chip for high stability and low power consumption.
  • 【widely used】Dual-MOS in parallel active output, lower inner resistance, larger current, strong power; at room temperature, operating current is up to 15A, power up to 400W, that can be used for most equipment
  • 【No noise 】No noise was made during turning on/off, no spark, and no electromagnetic interference
  • 【Switch multiple times 】To achieve fast high frequency turn-on and off circuit, an unlimited number of switching times
  • 【very convenient】Wide voltage input from 5V to 36V, normally used for controlling DC motors, lights, LED strips, micro-pumps, solenoid valves, etc.
Rank No. #14
Timer Delay Relay DC 5V 12V 24V On Off Timer Module Trigger Cycle Dual MOS Delay Control Board with Digital Tube Display and Protective Shell for Smart Home, Automatic Control
  • ★Wide working voltage:The trigger cycle timer delay controller module work voltage is DC 5V-36V. Meet the use of most equipment. Control Current is 30A(Max and need a heat sink! Normal temperature 15A 400W). Trigger signal source: High-level trigger (3.0V~24V)
  • Different parameters can be set: OP、CL、LOP these parameters can be set. OP-on time, CL-off time, LOP-number of cycles (1—999 times, "---" means infinite cycles). These parameters are independent of each other and saved separately. All set parameters are automatically saved after power-off
  • ★One key emergency stop function:The module with One key emergency stop function (STOP key), with reverse connection protection, reverse connection will not burn. And it supports sleep mode. After enabling, the display will automatically turn off if without any operation within 5 minutes. Press any button to wake up
  • ★Unlimited switching times:This time delay switch circuit can realize the circuit high frequency fast and frequent on and off, unlimited switching times. No noise will be generated during the on-off process, no electric sparks, and no electromagnetic interference. The service life is longer than that of common electromagnetic relays
  • ★Dual MOS output: This MOS tube pulse generator uses dual MOS parallel active output, lower internal resistance, higher current, and strong power. 15A, 400W at normal temperature. For more details, please read the user manual
Rank No. #15
Automotive Digital Timer Relay Board DC 12V 20A 1500W Relay Module with Dual Time Display, Timing Relay Switch ON-Off Control Support Cycle of time Time Delay for Car Vehicle (DC 12V)
  • ❃❃ Digital cycle timer delay module with time ranging from 1 second to 999 hours, available for various application.▲▲ (Notice: no out put Voltage) If you need the E-Manual or meet any other questions, pls contact us and we will send it to you!!!
  • ❃❃ The time relay delay Dual display: Red readout for practical value(PV); Blue readout for set value(SV);79mm*43mm-display panel; 71mm*40mm*24mm-cut out size.
  • ❃❃ Can be used in timing, delaying, cycle timing, intermittent timing, raft fishing machine, slow-down machine DIY, etc.
  • ❃❃ This relay switch is four-terminal wiring and setting by buttons, easy and simple for everyone to use it.
  • ❃❃ This 12V time delay relay can store the setting automatically. Please wait 6 seconds after finishing setting the data. The data set will be stored automatically after 6 seconds.


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