“I vividly remember being at work and thinking to myself; ‘So is this gonna be it for the next forty years?’

There was nothing wrong with my life, I had everything I could have wanted. A great job, my own apartment, lovely friends and family and boyfriends.

But there was something that wouldn’t leave me alone. I didn’t want more, I just wanted something different.

This one night me and my friend were watching Eat, Pray, Love (what a massive cliché) and she said to me ‘why don’t we just do it?’. I looked back and her and said, ‘heck, let’s just actually do it!’. I did the unthinkable, I gave into the calling to be.. well everywhere, and gave it all up. Family and friends were concerned, why would I give it all up? Where was I going to live? How was I going to make money? Somehow I knew that it was going to be alright, I just stopped worrying (a very un-Dutch thing to do) and let it all happen.

Within a week we made everything happen. Started selling our clothes, gave up our apartments, took on extra hours at different jobs and worked our asses off for the next few months.

And then, I just left. Booked a one way ticket to Kathmandu and have been living abroad ever since. I have seen so many place, so many faces and did so many things, it’s insane. I’ve had all sorts of jobs, from being a bartender to working in organic farms, and right now I’m an English teacher in Vietnam. You can do it, you just have to leave. That’s the hardest part. But once you’re out there you’ll experience that you can work anywhere and it’s so easy to meet people.

I have not regretted the decision to go once.

Crazy? A bit. Beautiful? Without a doubt. I followed my heart, and have been giving into the calling to wanderlust around the world. I can always go back to the life I had, but the world keeps calling me, and who am I not to answer?”