How long have you been pole dancing?

Hi, I’ve been pole dancing for 3 years. I was (and now too) really inspired by a YouTube influencer, Dirdy Birdy! She has installed a dancing pole at home and taught pole dancing online. From there, I too installed a dancing pole in my own room and my pole dance skills and experience were all self-taught.

How did the idea of pole dancing on the go come about? What inspires you to dance when you’re traveling?

Meeting different pole dancers around the world is really interesting. Every pole dancer has different skills, different styles and different stories to tell. It is very rejuvenating and inspiring to be able to meet these strangers with the same passion as I do and pole dance together in an impromptu manner. It creates wonderful memories for myself and gives me motivation to keep improving alongside with them, in different geographical locations but together in spirit.

We noticed you have pole danced on the beach, streets and even on public transport! How did your audience react towards your spontaneous performance?

YES, it is actually a pole dancer’s code to be spontaneous and improvise wherever we go! So as long as the occasion calls for it (which is pretty much anytime!) and there is a pole present, we’ll go for it! Most passersby do get curious, and they would stop and watch. We’ve collected equal amounts of applause and appreciation as well as disapproving side-glances too.

What are some of the memorable experiences you have had while pole dancing?

Too many to list!!!

If I have to choose one it would probably be my first time taking part in a studio pole competition in Singapore. That’s my very first performance onstage. It was because of then, I’ve taken note of where I stand in pole dancing and pushed myself to perform even better.

Additionally, the people who had supported me and gave me a lot of encouragement and motivation showed up that day and it meant the world to me.

It has encouraged me tremendously and I realized all my hard work and persistence have been paid of. It was truly an amazing and heartwarming experience.

So where can we expect pole on the go next? (where will you be pole dancing next?)

I have no concrete plans as to where, but I’m looking forward to perform in an overseas pole dance event in theatres again!

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