Some environments can be more physically demanding, and harsher than others. And through difficult times, a person will definitely grow.

I think that the most important thing in life is to adopt a positive attitude for things you hold true to your heart, and challenge yourself out of your comfort zones to learn and grow. Broadening my perspectives to learn in different, unfamiliar environments has always been a priority. Having this clear objective in my mind, it will definitely be helpful in the decision-making processes I’ll have to go through in New Zealand.

Thus, the above thought process gave birth to the decision to immerse myself in New Zealand for the next 6 months. As an avid fan of planet earth, I have thoroughly enjoyed my many short travels within the Asian region. I’ve travelled to countries like Korea, Boracay, Laos, Taiwan, Indonesia and etc, and during those travels, I have learnt and experience a great deal. Therefore, all these meaningful experience has evoked the wanderlust in me and I yearn to see and explore even more beautiful places.

Being freshly graduated, I now have newfound freedom and time on my hands, which leads to exploring of the idea of a working holiday I have heard so much about. Being a Singaporean, there are certain expectations I’m pressured to meet as a graduate, which is to dive into a stable career as soon as possible. However, the dilemma is that once I have entered the workforce as a full-blown adult, impromptu trips to the corners of the world will not come as easy.

And so “carpe diem” it is. Off I go on the last 6 months of adventure before I need to be an adult.

To better prepare myself for this big adventure, something I have not done in this lifetime before, I have a mental checklist that I have to condition myself to stick to.

First of all, it is to hope for the best and expect the worst. Knowing that there will definitely be a lot of uncertainties along the way, being mentally prepared to face the worst situations helps me work out contingency plans in the face of a fight of flight situation. Or at the very least not be caught by surprise and panic unnecessarily.

The next is to remember to love the world and never forget the beautiful sights I have seen. Clear in my head, like it only yesterday, I remember hiking up Mount Bromo and Ijen crater. It was my first time hiking overseas and it was a huge challenge for me. It took a few exhausting hours to climb up the volcano in the dark and extremely cold weather and carefully crawling down the crater (which was rocky). In addition, the whole place was engulfed with sulfur gas that reduces visibility, which caused my eyes to tear and made it extremely difficult to breathe. This, however, is the highlight of the entire trip, challenging and experiencing the extremities of Mother Nature, what a beauty!

Consequentially, I need to remember that hard work brings rewards, and every treacherous step will reap a beautiful sight to behold. Translating that on a practical term, I wish all the experience I had, and yet to have, will mould me into a stronger, better person tomorrow.

So to the next 6 months, I know you would be difficult but you will be so so beautiful.