The shophouse, with its five-foot-wide walkway, embodies both an appreciation for the Southeast Asian climate as well as the desire to enable and encourage community spirit through daily close interaction.

Opened in September 2011, 5footway.inn was started with a simple hypothesis; accessibility, style, good taste and top-rate facilities do not have to cost a fortune. To date, it has a chain of 5 boutique hostels located in the Chinatown, Boat Quay and Arab Street vicinity, to cater to the modern traveller, young executive and families who would like the experience of community-living while maintaining a sense of privacy and comfort, at rates that do not hurt the pocket.

The first overseas project of Singapore's 5footway.inn chain, Project Ponte 16 Macau is set to become one of Macau's favorite boutique hotel with its modern design, cleanliness, friendly staff and strategic location.

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